On May 14 we were featured on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on their segment about the dialysis industry. The show launched database, www.giveandlive.us, a collaboration between ORGANIZE, Microsoft, Ferenheit 212 and the University of Chicago. Give&Live was the show’s featured call-to-action, encouraging viewers to visit the site and learn about living donation. Additionally, we launched the #IfIDiePleaseTakeMyKidneys, a social declaration that was trending worldwide.


Of the 22 people who die on the organ transplant waitlist every day, 50% will be 50-65 years old. People within that age bracket also represent the biggest potential answer to the organ donor shortage as they currently have low registration rates. ORGANIZE launched the Mom and Dad Bods Campaign to let them know their bodies are still beautiful and valuable, because mom and dad bods have the power to save lives.


Very little research has been done historically about the best way to ask someone to become an organ donor, largely because the DMV is a highly imperfect place to conduct any A/B testing or other academic interventions. Digital campaigns, clearly, are quite different, and open up a world of research opportunities. We partnered with teams at Duke, Wharton and the White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (SBST) to learn and publish best practices with each registration campaign we run with the goal of bringing the sophistication of private-sector marketing to organ donation.


On Giving Tuesday, ORGANIZE asked people to register as organ donors and to share their donor status with family and friends by posting “I’m an #OrganDonor, are you?” Using email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ORGANIZE and their network of partners mobilized an army of organ donation advocates to come together on one day for a huge digital donor drive and awareness campaign.

On Giving Tuesday 2015, ORGANIZE co-hosted a Giving Tuesday Twitter party with Being Latino, an influential Facebook community with almost 5 million members. Hispanic/Latino communities are overrepresented on the transplant waiting list but typically do not register as organ donors. The Twitter Party resulted in approximately 3,500 tweets.

SXSW and Funny or Die

We took our show on the road to Austin to bring organ donation to the bright lights of SXSW. By day we presented to (an adoring!) audience at the main conference, and by night we teamed up with Funny or Die to bring a bit of levity to the sometimes-heavy topic. Headlined by comedian – and kidney-recipient – Tracy Morgan, we got a mix of laughs and organ donor registrations. What could be better?


In partnership with HealthCorps, a national non-profit founded by Dr. Oz (yes, that Dr. Oz!), ORGANIZE developed an organ donation curriculum to be distrubuted more than a million students across the country every year. Click here, here, or here to see our 3 lesson plans.

Merchandise lines Donor swag

ORGANIZE collaborated with Conscious Commerce to launch a merchandise line for Valentine’s Day 2015 and equip influencers with swag to promote organ donation. We launched a second merchandise line, the #GiveWithYourHeart vintage shirts, for Valentine’s Day 2016. Each unique t-shirt had a story from it’s part on the inside with a message about organ donation on the outside. Just like t-shirts, organs can have a chance at a second life saving someone in need of a transplant.

DONOR Nation Fans become donors

We wanted to test whether digital campaigns are more effective ways to leverage event-based opportunities than the traditional “donor registration table.” We partnered with the Boston Red Sox for an Organ Donor Awareness Night (and had Greg’s dad throw out the Ceremonial First Pitch!). The result? Over 7 million social impressions with $0 spent on marketing.

Life is beautiful donors rock

In 2014, ORGANIZE was selected as a featured non-profit for the three-day Life is Beautiful music festival in Las Vegas. We used the day to launch the concept of social declarations and allowed any concertgoer to post their organ donor wishes on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #DonateMyParts, generating

3,334 social declarations

the previous United States record for most donor registrations at one time was 2,262.


ORGANIZE launched its first campaign in partnership with Gristedes in NYC to encourage audiences to register to be organ donors. Cards were left at counters and New Yorkers registered at checkout. ORGANIZE quickly learned that we needed to move away from handwritten to digital registrations.

Sundance / SUMMIT SERIES What the hel?

ORGANIZE launched a series of beta tests in Utah, a state with 87% registration rates, to experiment with technology and advocacy language. We tested a series of UI/UX layouts for our first registration app in 2014 at a series of Sundance events followed by a campaign with Summit Series to get the valley of Huntsville, Eden and Liberty (HEL) to be one of the most highly registered communities in the country. It was because of the outcomes in Utah that we developed the concept of social declarations.