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ORGANIZE is looking to break the rules. Again.
This Giving Tuesday 30,000 nonprofits are taking advantage of the new American holiday by reaching out to their constituents for end of year donations. ORGANIZE, on the other hand, is NOT looking for financial support at all. Instead, we’re offering a FREE activation that could still save the lives of eight other people – and is the secret ingredient for putting ourselves out of business in the process:

When we started ORGANIZE just under two years ago there was an archaic landscape of 52 organ donor registries littered throughout the country. ORGANIZE fixed that. Last year, we since built and launched the first-ever national donor registry in US history that feeds directly into existing registries, which means now you can register for any state in the country at This is a huge accomplishment in itself.

There are 160 million Americans who are in favor of organ donation but their support isn’t recorded anywhere. This information gap makes it extremely difficult for next-of-kin to make this important decision without knowing their loves ones wishes. We’ve made it as easy as possible to share your donor wishes with your family – and #givingtuesday is the perfect day to put it all into action.

Of all of the non-profits participating, ORGANIZE may be taking the act of giving most literally – we’re launching the largest digital organ donor drive in history. It’s free and could save someone’s life. What better way to give than of yourself?