In 2004, Greg Segal’s dad, Rick, was placed on the waitlist for a heart transplant. Five long years later, his condition only got terrifyingly worse. While he and his family were driving to end of life counseling, they got a phone call—a heart was finally available, and just in time.

Rick took the heart, and it took to him. And now he’s doing great.

During those five years, Greg spent a lot of time wondering how the organ donation system could be improved for everyone—from procurement organizations to recipients and potential donors.

Together with Jenna Arnold, Greg co-founded ORGANIZE.

ORGANIZE, a lean non-profit, has created America’s first central registry, and is currently working hard to get every state in the Union to recognize social media posts as evidence of your donor wishes. Today, they’re continuing toward their goal of transforming the organ donation space in just five years—the same time it took to find Rick’s new heart. We’re closing in on our closing party, and you’re invited.