“Using tweets and posts to speed up organ donation…this approach is shaking up longstanding assumptions.”

White House, Private Sector Act to Reduce Organ Transplant Waiting List

NYT names ORGANIZE as one of the biggest ideas in Social Change in 2016.

“So, why not send a tweet to save a life? That’s the kind of convenience we’ve come to expect in 2016.”

20 Most Disruptive Innovators of 2016

Give & Live empowers people with all of the resources they need to consider kidney donation.

Oprah names ORGANIE co-founders to SuperSoul100: Top 100 awakened leaders who are using their voices and talent to elevate humanity.

Surgeon Says App May Turn Organ Donation Support Into ‘Concrete Action’

Finding Organ Donors Concealed In Plain Sight

“Much as we might criticize hashtag activism, tweeting about your organ-donor status literally might save lives.”

“We can no longer act as if the current system of organ procurement is good enough because, for far too many individuals and their families, it isn’t.”

Organize runs right at the myths instead of pretending like they don’t exist.

Classy Award: Top 10 Most Innovative Nonprofits and Social Enterprises in the World

“ORGANIZE has enlisted the support of celebrities, including David Hasselhoff, Alan Thicke and Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne, to engage with their families via Twitter to tackle the topic of organ donation head-on.”

“If these new apps can reduce waiting-list times for patients, it will be another example of technology changing the world for the better.”

“Typically ads addressing the topic of organ donation have been dry and serious, addressing the issue of the need for such donors head-on.”

“This registry has the potential to save so many lives. Soon we’ll wonder how we ever did it any other way.”

Living Donors And The True Power Of Facebook Virality

“In two short years, ORGANIZE has already worked wonders. It has built the country’s first-ever central donor registry, an easy-to-use system currently operating in some 40 states.”

Forbes 30 Under 30 for Social Entrepreneurship

The Levo 100: Transformers

Winner of Stanford MedX’s Inaugural Health Care Design Award

$1MM 1st Prize in 2014 Verizon Powerful Answers Award

 “ORGANIZE has built technology tools that allow anyone to share their donor wishes publicly….it would have made our experience so much easier when Vikki passed.”

Make a Difference This ‘Giving Tuesday’ — Without Spending a Dime.

“Organ donation has never been a mainstream cause, our goal is to make it cool.”

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