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It’s been said that “the biggest challenge after success is shutting up about it”. With that in mind, we decided to write our first blog post about our winning 1st Prize in the Verizon Powerful Answers Award. FIRST PRIZE!

The most powerful thing (no pun intended) about the Verizon award isn’t even the money but the validation – not of ORGANIZE (we’re already quite full of ourselves…), but of our cause. We’ve spent the last couple of years banging on every door we could find asking for funding, asking for partnerships, begging for resources. Most commonly we were told: I love what you’re doing, it’s very needed and very impressive, but it’s not my cause. That was the problem. Organ donation wasn’t anyone’s cause.

Verizon changes that. With their single decision to award us top prize, they put organ donation on the map as a mainstream issue. They made it OK for others to follow. More than OK, they made it sexy.

They’ve also paved the path for the new public-private partnership dynamic. For most issues, the non-profit is the “expert” and the funder sees their value and supports them. Organ donation is, in many ways, the inverse. The needed expertise generally exists external to our industry; our job is to focus it on our cause. A donor registration campaign at its core is a communications issue – how could we ever delude ourselves to think we know this better than Verizon does? And why should we even aspire to? That’s not our mission.

ORGANIZE proudly acknowledges that we don’t have all the answers, what we have is an uncanny ability to find email addresses for anyone we want to meet, no shame, and more persistence that anyone else you’ve ever met. Verizon’s shared belief in this validates our entire raison d’etre. They didn’t ask whether organ donation was “their cause,” they asked whether it was their skill set.

Or maybe they just liked our color palette. Either way, we’re overwhelmed with gratitude.